Ice Skating Sessions

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No booking required for any of our public ice skating sessions; simply pay at the box office on arrival.

General Ice Skating Session

Join us on general sessions where the house lights are on and everyone is welcome to skate at a steady pace. Some of these sessions are also used to teach ice hockey or figure skating, so there may be restrictions on ice availability to the public.

Family Session

Family sessions are reserved for beginner skaters and families, so that only supervised youngsters are on the ice. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult who will supervise them. These sessions are perfect for small children and people who may be a little nervous about giving the ice a go. Please do not send teenagers to this type of session unaccompanied, as they will be refused entry.

Disco Session

Skating with an atmosphere, disco lights and loud music turn our ice pad into a great venue for all in attendance. Anyone is welcome to these sessions but very small children or complete beginners are advised to try a family session first. Please note, NO PENGUIN/SNOWMEN SKATING AIDS are allowed on this session.

Daytime Disco Session

Anyone is welcome to these sessions, half house lights, disco lights, and loud music. Penguins and Snowmen are available on these sessions.

Opening Times

    10.30am-12.45pm General
    1.15pm-3.30pm General
    10.30am-12.45pm General
    1.15pm-3.30pm General
    7.30pm-10.00pm General
    10.30am-12.45pm General
    1.15pm-3.30pm General
    10.30am-12.45pm General
    1.15pm-3.30pm General
    7.30pm–10.00pm Family
    10.30am-12.45pm General
    1.15pm-3.30pm General
    7.30pm–10.00pm Disco
    10:00am-12.30pm Family
    1.00pm–3.30pm Daytime Disco
    7.30pm–10.00pm Disco
    11:00am-1.30pm Family
    2.00pm–4.30pm Daytime Disco

All Session Info

Some sessions may have a 15 minute dance/speed or resurface interval. Please ensure you read all safety information to help ensure you have an enjoyable, incident free visit.


Peak times are evening and weekends, school holidays and bank holidays.


  • Children Under 5*: FREE
  • Peak Admission: £7.70
  • Peak Family Admission**: £6.50
  • STUDENT± Admission Peak (with a valid NUS or college card): £9.50

Off Peak

  • Children Under 5*: FREE
  • Off Peak Admission: £6.20
  • Off-Peak Family Admission**: £5.00
  • STUDENT± Admission Off Peak (with a valid NUS or college card): £8.00


  • Adult Spectator: £2.00
  • Skate Hire: £2.80
  • Locker Rental: 50p
  • Penguin Skating Aid/Hour***: £4.00
  • Snowmen Skating Aid/Hour***: £4.00

Spectators are advised to wrap up. Loose comfortable and layered clothing is advised for skaters.
An ice resurface or speed interval occurs on some sessions. Areas of the ice may be restricted with the use of an ice dividing barrier.
If you want to take photos or videos, please get permission from the box office.
The ice rules must be adhered to at all times. Management reserve the right to refuse admission.

*Free admission for children under five. Skate hire fee applies if applicable.
**Price is per person. There needs to be at least one full paying child (over the of age of 5) and one full paying adult.
***Only available during family and general sessions. There is a height restriction to use the penguin skating aids: 4ft in skates. There is no height restriction to use a snowman.Skating aids will be thoroughly cleaned after each use.
± Includes skate hire.
Under 18s must be accompanied on family sessions. The adult doesn’t have to be skating but must be available to take responsibility for the child if needed.

View our Risk Assessment document.


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