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Private Tuition

You have now made the choice to begin private tuition with one of our dedicated and highly skilled coaches, who will begin passing on their skills to take you to where you want to be in the world of figure skating, whether its Ice Dance, Free Skating or just a bit of fun, we can do our very best to help you to reach your goal.

The following information is a guide to our how our patches work and the different ways in which you can pay for your patches, if there is any part of the information that is unclear or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Anna or Matt who will be more than happy to help you.

Due to the fact that we have a very strict payment policy on patch ice, we have compiled some information on the different payment types and how to avoid any misunderstandings. Also included is a registration form which you must complete and return to the box office, this will enable us to keep you updated with all the rink news and information.

Once you have completed the registration form (which you can open here) and handed it back to the Box Office, you can begin to skate on patch.

For any current skaters, this information has been put together to reiterate our payment procedures and ensure all skaters fully understand our systems, but once again if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to Pay for Patch Ice

There are 3 different ways to pay for your patch ice, dependent on what patch you are skating on. If you are unsure of how anything works, please ask Anna or Matt who will be pleased to assist you.

Book of 4 pre-paid patch tickets – £35.00
This is the easiest and recommended way for you to purchase your tickets, you can buy the books in as many quantities as you require so you will always have payment with you. Skaters who skate before 11am in the morning and on a Wednesday evening, you must have previously paid for the ice so this method will ensure you have already paid for the patch. You must clearly write your name and the date on the patch ticket, write your name and ticket number in the patch book, and put it through the slot which is situated under the Box Office window.

Single patch ticket – £10.00
This method can only be used if you skate on a patch during which the Box Office is open and staffed, opening times for the Box Office can be found within this pack. You simply pay for the patch as you come in at the Box Office. Please write your name and ticket number in the patch book.

Figure Season Ticket – £45.00
If you skate several times a week, then you may find a saving in the Monthly season ticket, you purchase this before the start of the month, it then enables you to skate on all your patches without worrying about paying every time you skate.

You can also pay for your season ticket by standing order at a price of £45.00 per month. Standing order forms can be found in the patch book.

Whichever method you choose to pay with you must always write your name in the patch book, which is situated at the Box Office, as you will have already paid for your patch, you will have a patch number which will be either:

  • Pre-paid tickets – Hand written 6 digit number written on the reverse of the ticket.
  • Single patch tickets – Printed 4 digit number on the bottom left of the ticket.
  • Figure Season Ticket – you simply write ST next to your name.
A polite reminder for all skaters, if your name is in the patch book without a valid number, or you have not signed in, further action will be taken. This could include restrictions into the building. Please note, our CCTV is checked on a daily basis.

Patch General Information

  • To skate on any standard patches the skater is required to be Skate UK level 5 or above. (unless prior arrangement has been made with management)
  • To skate on junior patch the skater is required to be above Skate UK level 5, but below and including NISA level 4.
  • To skate on senior patch the skater is required to be NISA level 5 or above.
  • All Skaters skating on patch ice must be registered with the box office and must be having private lessons with one of our figure coaches.
  • Patches must be paid for prior to skating.
  • Skaters must have their own skates.
  • Skaters who are in a lesson or are having program music playing have right of way on the ice.
  • The early morning patch times are dependant on the coaches attendance/ punctuality.
  • There must be a coach on the ice for skaters to skate on patch ice.
  • Please note that the coffee morning includes practice ice – please speak to Anna in the box office for more details.
  • Skaters from other rinks wishing to skate on patch must have prior permission from management and must be accompanied by their coach.
Please note there is a fee of £25 for visiting coaches.
  • Bradford Ice Arena

    over 55 years old!

    In January 1966 Mecca Leisure Limited opened the ice rink in Bradford under the name of the Silver Blades Ice Rink, it was reputed to be “The finest rink in the world”, with coloured lighting in the barriers, sparkling chandeliers over the ice, and a plush bar and restaurant. The resplendently dressed skaters were entertained with organ music. The opening gala at the rink had performances by British skaters who had just returned from the World Championships, they included Sally Anne Stapleford, John Curry and ice dancers Bernard Ford and Diane Towler.

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