Adult Hockey Lessons

Beginners Adult Ice Hockey Lessons at Bradford Ice Arena

Our adult beginners’ ice hockey lessons offer a brilliant introduction to becoming a hockey player and will help instill good habits right from the start, making your path to becoming a hockey player much easier (and quicker). Maybe you just want to better your pick-up hockey, advance from one division to another in a recreation league or just better your skills in general.

Program Outline:

  • Enhance mobility, agility, balance, turning, and speed.
  • Enhance your ability to handle the puck.
  • Learn the DO’s and DON’Ts.
  • Learn how to adjust to on-ice situations.
  • Create time and distance.
  • Force opponents to do what you want.
  • Learn many types of shooting skills.
  • Expose players to different options.
  • Help take out the opposition.
  • Improve working with a partner.
  • Increase your ability to move the puck and move with the puck.
  • Learn different options available when advancing with the puck.
  • Learn how to get out of trouble.
  • Regrouping.
  • Opening up the ice.
  • …and many other skills!

Is there an age restriction? Yes, our beginners’ adult introduction to hockey is for 16 years and over (ideally up to SkateUK Level 4). You at least need to know how to to skate, turn and stop.

What equipment do you need? You need your own skates, stick and helmet with cage, though full hockey equipment is advised.

How much is it? Pay as you go at £10 a lesson.

When are the lessons? They’re every Monday night, 9pm-10pm. There’s no need to book, you can just turn up and pay at the box office.

Have any questions? Please email